Monday, March 7, 2016

Dry-Wall Day 3, 4, 5

Dry-Wall Day 3, 4, 5

The house has now been fully hung with all of the drywall. I was expecting the house to look smaller, but honestly I think it looks the same if not bigger since each room is now visible without looking through the studs. The dry-wallers must have worked very odd hours, because when my wife would drive past at about 2 they usually had left for the day. The dry-wall finishers should be coming sometime this week to mud and sand the walls. The process is supposed to take a week or two so hopefully we can start priming and painting in the next 2 weeks.

Unfortunately things went a little slower than expected and they were not able to pour the porch or start on the siding on the exterior of the house. I talked to Curt on Friday and he is expecting the concrete to be poured on Monday and then the siding to begin on Wednesday. It will be nice to see the siding up to make the exterior of the house stand out. I am excited and nervous regarding the siding color as we didn't go with a traditional color and I am just hoping that it turns out good.

Also while I was on the phone with Curt I inquired about when the trim would be in so I could prime and paint the trim before the finish carpenter gets in... I am hoping that we can still paint it before it gets put up, but it will all depend on what day we get the trim in...

I tried not to duplicate the pictures and add all pictures from day 3,4,5 so most of the pictures below are after day 5, but I did put in a couple from earlier days.

Kitchen Pics

looking from the dining room to the mudroom

1/2 bath

Mudroom from the 1/2 bath

Laundry Room

 Master Bedroom

Kids Room1

Kids Room2

Basement Stairway


Upstairs Stairwell

Great Room

Upstairs Bath

Monday, February 29, 2016

Dry-Wall Day 2 and HVAC Trunks

Dry-Wall Day 2 and HVAC Trunks

Stopped by the house today after work today, they have continued hanging the drywall in the house. Today they put up the ceiling in the master bedroom, closets, laundry room, foyer, garage, and they also almost finished all of the drywall in the garage except for one piece in the corner. I also checked down in the basement and it looks like the HVAC guys stopped by this morning and started running the main HVAC trunks.

I talked to Curt today and he said they are hoping to finish hanging this week and start finishing the drywall on Friday. They are also hoping to pour the garage floor and porch by the end of the week. I think the thing we are looking forward to most is that they are hoping to start working on the siding at the end of the week, not sure if they will finish but it will look a lot nicer once the siding is installed.

Some of the things I need to follow up with Curt on tomorrow are figuring out when they are going to drop off the trim at the house so we can start sanding and painting the trim before it goes up. I also would like to know when we will be able to start painting. It is all going to happen quickly once the dry-wall is finished so I would like to be prepared so that we aren't delaying the process.

Garage Drywall Pics

Wiring for Garage Door Opener

Hookup for Garage Lights

Attic Access in Garage

Laundry room was too dark to get a good pic

Ceiling in Master

Her Closet

His Closet


HVAC Trunk Lines (sorry no light in basement)

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Start of Hanging Dry-wall, Heater Assembled, Natural Gas Ran

Start of Hanging Dry-wall, Heater Assembled, Natural Gas Ran

Sorry everyone I got a little behind at the end of last week as I was running Ethernet and insulating the garage and certain interior walls every day after work... Not much progress took place last week as we were waiting for the hangers to put up the drywall and they were not able to start until Friday. Basically they began dry-walling the ceilings in the house, they finished the upstairs and the kitchen ceilings. The heater was assembled down in the basement but still not all of the piping is complete yet... The gas company stopped by on Friday and they were able to run the gas line from the road to the house. 

 Can light closeup in second story hallway

Kitchen/Dining Room Ceiling Dry-Wall

Second Story Ceiling Dry-Wall

Kids Room 1 Ceiling Dry-walled

Kids Room 2 Ceiling Dry-walled


Piping for the Heater

Heater  Partially Assembled

White Flags to mark out where Electrical will run

Gas Line ran up to the house

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Drywall Delivery

Drywall Delivery

Not a lot to share on monday, basically all of the drywall was delivered to the house. The drywaller's should start hanging the drywall on Wednesday Morning. I also noticed that there was caulk ran on all of the framing boards around the windows and doors! I am not too sure if they did that when they did all of the other insulation and i just missed  it or they came back today and did this, but it looked really good.

Pictures from Mondays Progress